Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Does a Rubber Band Gun Work?

You may be wondering why some of my guns have strings attached to them, or why some of them have a clothespin. These are the firing mechanisms that I use to shoot rubber bands. In this post I will explain each one of my firing methods.
Method 1: A string wrapped around a piece of wood with a rubber band in between each wrap.

As a result the faster you pull the string the faster the gun shoots. This method is the easiest way of achieving automatic fire with a rubber band gun. The advantages are: rapid fire, high capacity, and reliable. The disadvantages: tedious loading and unrealistic.

Method 2: Pin through a Clothespin
This method is by far the most reliable way to shoot a rubber band.

The rubber band rests on the pin sticking out of the clothespin. When the clothespin is pushed the top piece of the clothespin pushes the rubber band of the pin therefore firing it.

This method is used in my shotguns. It allows 4 to 5 rubber bands to be fired simultaneously.

Method 3: Escapement Mechanism
This mechanism is the most complex way to shoot a rubber band. The biggest advantage of this mechanism is the incorporation of a trigger. The mechanism ads realism and detail to the gun. I have only made two of these mechanisms so far. They are very tedious to construct, and time consuming. Currently, I am working on making a sturdy wooden gear that will allow multiple shots.

These are all of the methods I currently use! More to come in the future! 


  1. Love all your rubber band guns.... amazing work... can you show me how to build the blow back rubber band gun...?? I really need this one...

  2. Excellent hobby! Congratulations! Now I am making medieval crossbows ( My Country in Europe is very old...Portugal) and I love my hobby because I am retired and I love to work with wood (78 years old) but in next days I will make a rubber band pistol to my granddaughter. Thanks for your help...the trigger? Regards Octávio Oliveira